4 reasons why pInstrument awards are important

As manufacturers of musical instruments we care about making the joy of music accessible and fun - we want to help give as many people the opportunity to experience the joy of making music.

We have been fortunate that from the beginning our instruments have been acknowledged with accolades from the music industry, education sector, and even the Queen, and we are immensely proud of these achievements! 

Rather than plough through the list, we thought we would share with you four reasons why our instruments' awards are relevant to you...

1. They're independently approved
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As a team of musicians, teachers and parents ourselves we know that every day you are faced with a myriad of choices. If you are a parent or a teacher too, not only are you making hundreds of choices for yourself, but also for your children. Generally life is frenetic, and time to research your choices is at a premium!

Thats where awards come in. They are a quick reference way of being able to see that, not only do we think our instruments are great (lets be honest, we're going to aren't we?!), but they have actually been recognised by trusted third parties as among the best in our field. Awards are a symbol of quality - a badge of honour bestowed by people who know what they are talking about, and that you can trust.


2. They're supported by educators

Our instruments, being made from plastic are incredibly robust, good value for money and great fun, so they are perfect for classroom and group settings in an educational setting.

image001-1-1We've received a number of awards that support this. Most recently, the hyTech trumpet for example was selected as the 'Best Teaching Tool for Intermediate Students' by the annual School Band & Orchestra Best Tools for Schools Awards in 2019. These awards are judged by an independent panel of expert music educators at the biggest international music trade show. 

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Its not just the instruments either - our pBuzz, a new musical instrument not only won Gold in the Primary Teacher Awards, the teaching resources we created in partnership with Music Education Solutions also received 5 stars in the Teach Primary Resource Awards too.

pBuzz Primary School Teaching Resources


3. They're innovative

So what I hear you ask? Most innovations are things we very quickly take for-granted - we've all used the phrase 'the best thing since sliced bread'! Why is it important that as a business we think differently and what difference does it make to you?

We made the worlds first (and now best selling) plastic trombone. The plastic we make our instruments from means they are both considerably cheaper and much much lighter. The light weight aids your ability to develop good technique and posture, means your arms won’t get tired as quickly and you can progress faster!

The innovation of pBone (and the rest of the pInstrument family) has helped to introduce a new generation to the joy of music and was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019 - the highest recognition for UK businesses!

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Innovation doesn't apply just to the way the instrument is made, or the benefits of using it, it also means our instruments are more sustainable too. Being made from recyclable ABS plastic they can be recycled, and also cost the environment less too. Our innovation helps you make less of an impact on the planet!

4. They recognise our team's dedication

WMG19_152Here at Warwick Music Group, we've very fortunate to have an amazing and dedicated team of musicians, teachers and parents who are all passionate about making the joy of music accessible and fun! It takes a lot of hard work from across all areas of our business to make sure that every child who experiences music on one of our instruments has a great time. 

So when someone independent to the company recognises the work of the team, it is extra-special. Rewarding and recognising the awesome people is such an important part of who we are and the authentic and honest message we want to share with our customers.


There are of course many other things you should consider before you make a purchase; in our case just because a trumpet or trombone has an award still doesn't mean its right for you! However, awards do help you understand the quality, context and purpose of our instruments - they really do make the joy of music accessible and fun!


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