Accessible and fun music education at MDEE with pInstruments

pInstruments were all over the Music & Drama Education Expo last week!
The Expo (MDEE) is Europe’s largest conference and exhibition for anyone involved in music & drama education, and takes place every year in London. Attendees have the opportunity to choose between 70 free-to-attend CPD sessions, and can also check out the latest in the creative field from 140 exhibitors.

pBone at MDEE
As well as exhibiting ourselves so that visitors would have the opportunity to see and hear our instruments, our instruments were woven into a number of the expo's sessions: Nathaniel Dye, Music Leader at Nelson Primary School (pictured above) used the pBone during his workshop 'Running a Successful and Inclusive Primary or Beginner Orchestra' and Kay Charlton (pictured below) presented some great stuff on whole class instrumental learning with our hyTech in her session on the Bollywood Progression Project.
Kay Charlton MDEE
Orchestras for All also used our instruments in their ensemble leadership workshop. Anna Williams-Haines, Head of Programmes for Orchestras for All, shared with us a bit more information about who they are and the purpose of their session...
Orchestras for All'Orchestras for All breaks down barriers faced by 11-18 year-olds to music-making. Our approach is about full inclusion - anyone who wants to participate, can - and high artistic standards for everyone. We support music leaders working in inclusive, mixed-skill contexts to develop their ensemble leadership skills, support fledgling multi-instrument ensembles in schools - Modulos - and run the National Orchestra for All, a fully funded national orchestra for 100 young people nominated for their commitment to music in the face of barriers to music-making. 
Last week, we had the privilege of sharing our approach to inclusive ensemble music-making at the Music and Drama Education Expo (MDEE). We ran a seminar in which delegates were invited to choose an instrument, some music from our flexible arrangements, and get playing and conducting, under the baton of OFA's artistic associate, Emma Oliver-Trend (pictured below!). The delegates finished with an orchestral performance of the Russian folk tune, Korobeiniki.
Orchestras for All at MDEE
In order to make this session an authentic representation of the inclusive approach we take, Warwick Music Group generously shared their excellent pBone and pTrumpet with us, for delegates to pick up and have a go at playing as part of our Music Expo orchestra!
Check out pBone
Nick Thorne, OFA's Executive Director said, "instruments like this support the open, inclusive and high quality approach we take in all our programmes; we encourage music leaders to explore creative approaches, such as the pBone, to bringing the joy of music-making to more young people".'
It was great to see pInstruments making music education accessible and fun!

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