Andrew and his pTrumpet

We love hearing from members of the pFamily about how our instruments have helped them on their musical journeys.

Gina Petruzzelli-West from Connecticut got in touch to tell us about her son Andrew's story.

Andrew was born disabled following a stroke in utero, and prevailed despite the prognosis from doctors. He cannot use his left hand at all due to the stroke. In 6th grade, he signed himself up for band, but found playing the heavy trumpet one-handed really difficult.

When pTrumpet was made available in the US, Gina bought one for Andrew as it would be light enough for him to hold. Now in 7th grade, and a keen trumpeter since 5th grade, he plays his pTrumpet one-handed with ease and is an active band member.

Andrew participated in his town’s Memorial Day parade as part of the marching band – following in his brother’s footsteps, and something he was very excited about! The ability to hold up his pTrumpet allows Andrew to take part in band activities that he couldn’t do with a regular brass instrument.

Gina says, “THANK YOU!… pTrumpet is so important to us. Thanks for making a product that helped our son so much.”

Keep marching, Andrew – and best of luck with your playing from us all at WMG!