BBC Proms

The Proms – or The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC – is an eight week-long season of orchestral classical music concerts. First held back in the 19th century, the Proms remain one of the world’s largest and oldest music festivals. Now over 100 years old, the Proms still remain true to its original aim: to present the widest possible range of music performed to the highest standard, to large audiences.

To celebrate this year’s BBC Proms, beginning on the 18th July, why not test your Proms’ knowledge?

  1. In what year was the first ever Proms concert?
  2. Who was the original impresario of the original indoor Proms concert?
  3. Before The Royal Albert Hall, where were the Proms held?
  4. How long does the Proms summer season last?
  5. In 1966 which foreign orchestra became the first to give a concert as part of the 1966 season?
  6. What activity prompts Promenaders to cry “Heave-ho”?
  7. What was so memorable about the Andrew Davis Last Night of the Proms speech in 1992?
  8. How many people attended the proms in 2011?
  9. What was the price of a standing ticket in 1895?
  10. In 1969 which two songs were dropped from the last night of the proms?

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