BRACES! by Grant Golding

I'm sure nearly every brass teacher and conductor has had that sinking feeling when a pupil arrives for their first lesson or rehearsal after having braces fitted.

We all know that the stress and pain of a brace will be worth it for the wearer in the long run but what can we do to help right now? 

Grant Golding explains his approach and how he has researched the effects of brace wearing on brass playing.

Focusing on the trumpet, not only does Grant suggest mitigations for braces but also how we can turn this often unwelcome development into a positive way to progress your pupils playing



In the video Grant included thoughts about:

                  • Relaxation
                  • Range
                  • Mouthpiece pressure
                  • Using Brass gym and Brass blast UK
                  • Flutter tongue exercises
                  • Mouthpiece material
                  • High notes
                  • Downstream and upstream playing

It's a really interesting and positive video on a topic that discussed far too little.

Please watch, enjoy and share with those who might benefit from these insights.

As ever, please don't hesitate to drop me a line to share your thoughts!

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