Call of the pBugle

Designed to hit the right note with mini musicians the pBugle is a perfect blend of toy and musical instrument. Colourful, light weight and easy to use, children as young as six can learn about brass through playful exploration. 

Did You Know?

  1. The bugle comes from instruments made of animal horns
  2. Historically, bugles, drums, and other loud musical instruments were used for clear communication in the noise and confusion of a battlefield
  3. The earliest bugles were shaped in a loop, usually a double loop, but sometimes triple or single, similar to the modern French horn and were usually used to send messages during hunts
  4. Today, the military use the bugle to make announcements
  5. Musicians playing the bugle are known as Buglers!

Making musical learning fun!

There’s plenty of research to show that early exposure to musical instruments has a positive impact on brain development in younger children. Not only does it support social, language, and reasoning skills, but it also supports effective memory development.

Offering a bright alternative to traditional heavy, high maintenance brass instruments, pBugle is a real trumpet that can develop authentic beginner brass skills without the complication of learning to play valves.  The cleverly simple design is perfect for learning essential brass musical techniques such as rhythm, articulation, breathing, and more!

Providing a great foundation for beginning a journey into the wonderful world of brass playing, the pBugle comes complete with free learning materials to help children develop their skills. 


Designed to last

Made from recyclable ABS plastic, the bright red pBugle is half the weight of a metal instrument and has been specially designed to withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive!

Our Director of Creativity and Innovation, Chris Fowler says: “We chose ABS because it is widely and easily recycled, is lightweight, has high tensile strength and scratch resistance. 

“Our plastic instruments offer a sustainable alternative to traditional instruments that use more energy in their production and feature precious metals such as zinc where reserves are expected to last for less than two decades and only 30% comes from recycling.”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Infographic

Tried & Tested

Our innovative inventions are designed to make music fun and accessible to everyone. We launched our first pInstrument, the pBone in 2010 and have now sold more than 250,000 of the brightly coloured, light-weight trombone worldwide.  The pBone was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation in 2019.  

In the past decade we have gone on to launch the pBone mini, pTrumpet, pBuzz, pCornet and pTrumpet hyTech.  

Our pInstruments are popular with professional musicians, school teachers and children too!  See our video review of the pBugle


Where to buy

Priced from £29.95, the pBugle is now available from and the following independent music stores:

pbugle-resource-bookFree online resources

Access your free online music lessons and resources to help your child learn to play and enjoy music here: