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We are so often asked about what are the easiest (or hardest) instruments to play? Our initial answer would be that in all honesty the instrument you love is going to be the one that’s easiest to master, simply because your time spent with the instrument is a joy!

Chris Fower, Warwick Music's Director of Creativity and Innovation, has created this 16-page eBook which examines which instruments are easier or easiest to learn. The eBook encompasses all the major instrument groups:


  1. Introduction
  2. What does “easy” mean?
  3. Classical Strings
  4. Guitars (electric)
  5. Guitars (Classical and Bass)
  6. Keyboards
  7. Brass 1
  8. Brass 2
  9. Woodwind 1
  10. Woodwind 2
  11. Percussion
  12. Drums
  13. Conclusion

Chris concludes,

"There is a place for all of us in music and playing an instrument is a wonderful, life-long challenge that will enrich your time on this planet!"

The question you should really be asking is - which one is going to be easier for you?!

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