MSFQ Tips from Dr. Charles T. Menghini

Standing for "More to Start, Fewer to Quit," MSFQ is an open-source, monthly newsletter provided 

STEM and the pBuzz Lab

School leaders often look to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education as a guide to providing courses of study that prepare students for success in 21st century careers. Providing such experiences in the elementary classroom can reinforce STEM learning at an early[...]

Elementary Mariachi for Brass in Laredo, Texas

Mariachi without trumpet is, well, not really Mariachi.  That's our position anyway.  But more and more elementary teachers are finding that pTrumpets provide the best option for teaching mariachi brass along with the guitar and other traditional instruments.  Follow one[...]

pBuzz and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

It was interesting to display the pBuzz and pBugle at the Midwest Clinic this year as band directors were curious about our exhibit of “Instruments for Foundational Learning.” While many had heard and read about pBuzz, many had still not actually seen one.

Growing Elementary Music Pathways

When the musicians and teachers at Warwick Music developed the series of Early Learning pInstruments, developing learning pathways for music were forefront in their minds. Early exposure to a playful instruments like the pBuzz and pBugle can help develop a child’s sensory and[...]

pCornet – It could be a better choice for your students

Who knows cornets better than the British?

Answering the call: Equity in Instrumental Music Education

The story is a common one: “We are a low income title school with major poverty. We are in the process of rebuilding the band program. I have tested 41 students for beginner band this year. “These kids want to play but many will not be able to because of money. We have some[...]

Providing Equity in Music Instruction

Music classes can look very different depending on the resources and attitudes of the local school’s teachers, administration, neighborhood and culture. Unfortunately, attitudes and economics often frame each child’s music education experience starting in the early years. A[...]

Reducing Our Impact on the Environment

As a team of musicians, parents and teachers, we care very much for the impact we have on our environment, both individually and as a company. As consumers, just like you, our buying decisions are influenced by how sustainable the products are that we buy for our family. We're[...]