Author: Rich Breske

Rich grew up on Chicago’s south side and attended Marist High School, where he was an active member and drum major of the school’s marching band. He attended Elmhurst College, receiving a degree in marketing and music-business. His early career included time at the Chicago Symphony and Ravinia Festival organizations, as well as classes at the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Rich’s career has been dedicated to music education. He has worked closely with educators, professionals, retail businesses and corporations. He has established key education partnerships and has served on the board of directors for several non-profit education organizations. For the past seven years, he has provided executive planning and marketing acumen for 21st century companies through Strategic Marketing Management, LLC.

Prior to opening his own firm, he served in key management roles at KHS America, Inc., the Conn-Selmer division of Steinway & Sons, Inc., and United Musical Instruments, all worldwide manufacturers and distributors. He served in the management of the SMART Foundation which provided programs and advocacy support for arts education. He has also authored several publications focused on the arts and education. Rich is also currently on the boards of the West Point School of Music (board chair) and the American School Band Directors Association Foundation.

Blog posts by Rich Breske

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It was interesting to display the pBuzz and pBugle at the Midwest Clinic this year as band directors were curious about our exhibit of “Instruments for Foundational Learning.” While many had heard and read about pBuzz, many had still not actually seen one.

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Have you heard of pBuzz? It’s the newest musical tool that your elementary students can play! Learning pBuzz checks off nearly every learning style - aural, visual, kinetic, tactile – and does it in a fun and social way.