Creating access and equity for band – a special opportunity for a deserving student

Win a pTrumpet hyTech for your program.

BrokentrumpetWe all remember that one student – the one who wanted to join band but couldn’t afford an instrument. Or the one who received a used school-owned instrument that looks “used” in every sense of the word. Or, the student who quit because her instrument just never worked right.

It’s heartbreaking.

Remember when students couldn’t play clarinet because they were just too fragile? The bodies would crack and, of course, you would never take them outside? Don’t remember that? That’s because for the past sixty years, the vast majority of clarinets have been made of plastic. Compare the cost of a plastic clarinet to a metal saxophone, or to the price of a wood clarinet. Plastic made clarinets affordable and more accessible.

pTrumpet hyTech Gold cropThe pTrumpet hyTech is hybrid instrument. Like beginning clarinets, the hyTech uses plastic and metal components in the right combination to provide an instrument that looks and plays great in any band program. Plus, it’s affordable, even more so given that the pTrumpet hyTech will perform reliably year after year.

Would you like your school to have the pTrumpet hyTech as an option to give more students access to music and equity with students who can afford new instruments? We are giving away ten pTrumpet hyTech instruments (in black finish) topTrumpet hyTech Black Crop programs for students in need.

Tell us your story and how a pTrumpet hyTech might help your student this Fall. Then read more about how the pTrumpet hyTech can promote music learning in  safe, accessible, equitable and environmental ways.


Here’s why the hyTech is the best choice for your school-owned instruments.

Plastic leadpipe and tuning slide. Both include BioMaster anti bacterial and anti nanovirus technology. This important for instruments whether in use or in storage. Cleaning is always highly recommended but Biomaster is one more protectorant that works.

By the way, this leadpipe has interior dimensions of one of the most popular high level instruments today. The single radius design and internal dimensions provides for the best balance of resistance and response. Tuning slide receivers reveal the reverse leadpipe design. The molded-in brace provides traditional support.

Silver plated mouthpiece and CNC-crafted brass receiver. The mouthpiece and receiver must be similarly matched (with an accurate venturi) to maintain the integrity and strength of this important connection. This combination also provides a solid core for the player to develop proper technique.

Reinforced valve casing. The brass core of the valve block is a key element in this instrument’s performance. It is protected by an advanced poly-fill material that is “shot” around the brass tubes for best adhesion. The poly-fill adds both strength to the valve block and resonance to the instrument sound. Each valve casing is double-honed for exacting tolerances. The outer casing not affected by temperature and won’t dent, assuring smooth working valves for a very long time.

Stainless Steel Pistons –Top-action covered valve springs and a single ABS valve guide provide proper action and position. The pistons themselves are each stainless steel lined on a poly core. Each piston port is exact and chamfered for a smooth transition between the materials. Pistons are centerless ground to achieve fine tolerance and hand-lapped to fit each brass sleeve.

One piece polymer Bell and Bell Bow –modelled on the most popular professional level flair design. All connections (and all finishes) are highly durable because of the automotive finish techniques incorporated into the process.

Amazingly light at just 1.4 lbs, the hyTech aids great technique and encourages good posture in younger players or for those who find a traditional trumpet simply too heavy.

Tell us your story. Give one more student the gift of music.


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