NAMM Believes in pBone!

NAMMBoneshortAs the Museum of Music Making (a division of the NAMM Foundation) gets ready to re-open, new interactive music experiences will include pBone and pTrumpet, demonstrating how easy it is to play wind instruments. Using multiples of Warwick mouthpieces, with anti-microbial technology, visitors will be able to experience "the buzz" of creating an sound, and understand how tone, pitch and movement of air contribute to a satisfying musical experience. Committed to creating a more musical world, the museum directly connects visitors of all ages with hands-on music making. 

pInstruments are easy to clean and mouthpieces are dishwasher safe so, day after day, more families and tour groups understand the link between paying music and enjoying life!  In addition, pInstruments are used every day in schools across North America and throughout the world.  Crafted to be carbon neutral of recyclable materials. all pInstruments are safe for children, adults and the entire earth.  Read more here.

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