Teaching with pBuzz checks all the boxes for teaching basic music skills

Have you heard of pBuzz? It’s the newest musical tool that your elementary students can play! Learning pBuzz checks off nearly every learning style - aural, visual, kinetic, tactile – and does it in a fun and social way.

HM Royal Marines pBugle Fanfare

The Bands of the HM Royal Marines are always keen to encourage young musicians, so  Scotland Band have been exploring pBugles as an option to use in their outreach programmes.

My five tips for the safest way to play brass in COVID

In this Vlog I run through my five top tips for safer brass playing during COVID.

pTrumpet HyTech wins high awards from U.S. Band Directors

In early 2020, Warwick Music offered band directors the opportunity to receive and evaluate the pTrumpet hyTech trumpet. pTrumpet hyTech® marks a new chapter in trumpet evolution – it combines metal and polymer to deliver a performance standard comparable to higher-quality[...]

Teaching with pBuzz provides early skills needed for success in music

I love the recorder! I’ve talked with hundreds of music educators over the years and not one has made this statement. Instead, teaching the recorder is something that is just done. It can help in teaching nomenclature and a bit about pitch, but it’s difficult to claim that[...]

Back to school and how to use pInstruments safely

Now that we are returning to work, play and education, it feels good to be on the pathway back to the resumption of a more normal education generally and brass playing specifically. However, Covid is still here and we must remain vigilant as restrictions are slowly lifted. A key[...]

The Case for Music Education

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) has announced “the publication of a groundbreaking white paper on the extraordinary impact of music education on child development.” Titled Music for Every Child, the white paper was written by Indre Viskontas, a neuroscientist[...]

We've signed the Arts ARE Education pledge. Have you?

The arts are part of a balanced education, providing America’s learners with crucial skills and knowledge they need to be productive, college- and career-ready individuals. Accordingly, all students have the right to an arts education that includes dance, media arts, music,[...]

Chicago Public Schools Teacher Sarah Todd talks about using pBuzz for remote learning

Chicago Public School music teacher Sarah Todd discusses how she uses pBuzz both in classroom and with remote learning in general music classes. Ms. Todd presents the program’s background, challenges during remote learning, and using the pBuzz to overcome many of these[...]

NAMM Believes in pBone!

As the Museum of Music Making (a division of the NAMM Foundation) gets ready to re-open, new interactive music experiences will include pBone and pTrumpet, demonstrating how easy it is to play wind instruments. Using multiples of Warwick mouthpieces, with anti-microbial[...]