pBuzz and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

It was interesting to display the pBuzz and pBugle at the Midwest Clinic this year as band directors were curious about our exhibit of “Instruments for Foundational Learning.” While many had heard and read about pBuzz, many had still not actually seen one.

The response was universally positive. Everyone agreed that learning to produce a pitch, create a tone and move air is certainly foundational to future ensemble playing, not only for band but also choir and even orchestra. Everyone agreed that moving air is incredibly important and that recorder actually teaches students to NOT move air. Those students that have learned on pBuzz tend to have a much larger sound coming any beginning ensemble.

Teaching Music in Schools - pBuzz

Students also learn to listen to and learn from each other. pBuzz learners usually stand and the kinesthetic movements pBuzz provides are highly desirable as well.

Learning these on just six notes in one partial is also incredibly foundational. Once learned, the same lesson applies to other partials. That’s why we developed the pBoneMini, a smaller trombone for smaller bodies. It’s an easy transition to from pBuzz to pBoneMini with its additional partials and moving air in a slightly larger instrument. Teachers who utilize pBuzz will often get a half dozen pBoneMini instruments for those who are ready.

pBuzz teaching materials are readily available at www.pPlayMusic.us. These include four week and ten week lesson plans, a teachers manual, and seven one minute videos on how to teach buzzing (for those who have not buzzed since college). There are even band arrangements to showcase the pBuzz class for beginning and advanced bands, as well as with marching band. It’s a great way to showcase musical progress to the parents and administration as well as introduce the band program to students in a unique and exciting way.

SELGraph300-dpi-1pBuzz is just the beginning of our musical “pJourney” for students. All pInstruments are authentic instruments that perform very well in group teaching classrooms and emphasize the building of competentices of SELF (self-awareness & self management), OTHERS (social awareness & relationship management), and DECISIONS (responsible decision-making – all key components in the social and emotional learning (SEL) platform.

pInstruments are intentionally designed to provide a great multi-year learning experience and provide children opportunities to participate in music creation through visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning styles. pInstruments can be an important tool as students develop their social and emotional concepts of self through many life changing benefits, including:

  • Helping to develop language and reasoning skills
  • Focusing on continuous improvement
  • Providing activity for physical coordination
  • Inspiring a sense of achievement
  • Encouraging active learning engagement
  • Teaching societal cooperation and respect
  • Inspiring emotional development.

For additional information about our instruments, curriculum assistance, classroom learning tools and more, please visit www.pPlayMusic.us

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