pCornet – It could be a better choice for your students

Who knows cornets better than the British?

RedpCornetSectionThe word “cornet” actually means “little horn” and many young students find the cornet more comfortable because the hand position is closer to the body. Add in the reduced weight of the pCornet and you have an instrument for students that takes away the issue of fatigue and the tendency to have a “droopy” bell.

The cornet was designed to play smoothly in the middle and low registers, so that’s another benefit for students. It produces a pleasing sound in these registers and is very agile over the range of approximately two octaves. It also blends well with other instruments, so that’s another plus.

pCornet processed-8252For a school that provides instruments for its student, the carbon-neutral pCornet is a well-respected choice. With a suggested list price of only US$149, it’s an affordable choice on the path to providing equity in instrumental  music education.  Its compact size makes the pCornet even more durable and easy to store, clean - and recycle after years of use.

The trumpet throughout history has been used to perform fanfares and higher-pitched melodies and has taken a larger role.  Most high brass teachers are professional trumpet players so naturally they focus on trumpet, For many beginning students, however, the cornet  provides more benefits for young learners and can be a better choice – the pCornet, that is, in both RED and BLUE. There is plenty of time to move to trumpet once their size and abilities progress.

Give it a listen, as 2018 BBC Young Brass Award winner Tom Nielsen demonstrates the pCornet.

Ask your favorite music dealer to bring in a sample for you to try.  For more information visit our North America focused website - wwwpPlayMusic.com.