Teaching with pBuzz checks all the boxes for teaching basic music skills

Have you heard of pBuzz? It’s the newest musical tool that your elementary students can play! Learning pBuzz checks off nearly every learning style - aural, visual, kinetic, tactile – and does it in a fun and social way.

MMD2019pBuzzSaluteSmallpBuzz is a wind instrument but, unlike the recorder, actually requires your students to move air.  It teaches how a sound is made (through buzzing) and how to create tone and pitch. WIth just six notes on one partial, pBuzz shows how changing the length of tube affects notes, and it's easy for students to learn together.

Integrating the teaching of pBuzz into your classroom is a snap. The Learn to pBuzz teaching manual provides everything you need, including simple songs and a CD with accompaniment. There are teaching aids to expand on your curriculum, and even some popular tunes with accompaniment that will help your students “rock out”! You can find all of this and more on our pBuzz education page.


Thousands of schools across North America are using pBuzz to inspire students to engage in music. After just a few weeks, “almost all students are successful with making a buzz. They have learned the song Hot Cross Buns on pBuzz and Jaws on pBone. Some students can play it perfectly, but most are still working on getting the right pitches with their buzzes. I really want to get them actually reading music by the end of the year. Right now we are learning through solfege, and I want to continue with that for the first semester.”

pBuzz is effective and challenging, but student are finding success in music performance. Principals have noted that pBuzz is providing greater access to music and active learning engagement, as well as societal cooperation and respect.

pBuzz are available from music stores across the country.  Here's a list to get you started.


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