hyTech approved by beginners to post-grade 8

Edward Maxwell, a freelance London trumpet player is a composer, editor and arranger. He is also a teacher at Reigate Grammar School, Hurstpierpoint College and Cranleigh School, where he recently trialled our hyTech. He shares with us his pupils comments and his thoughts...

pTrumpet hyTech Gold"The HyTech pTrumpet is a big improvement on the first generation pTrumpet: it is responsive, makes an even sound throughout the range and the metal-lined valves work smoothly. It’s light to hold, but robustly built, making it ideal for small children and (presumably) it’s fairly damage-resistant to being dropped (though I haven’t actually tested this). Having had two pupils who recently dropped their trumpets and seized up the valves as a result, this is an important consideration!

There is a finger ring on the third valve slide, but I couldn’t make mine move freely, though obviously beginners have more important things to worry about than fine-tuning their Ds and C#s. A frequent problem with pupils’ trumpets is the tuning slide getting jammed – sometimes through lack of basic maintenance; sometimes through spending a year or two slowly degenerating in a school instrument cupboard.

The plastic slides will not corrode, so the trumpet requires less maintenance and has less potential to incur hefty repair bills. It comes with a very nice padded single gig bag, which would also provide adequate protection for a metal trumpet and this alone makes it worth paying the extra for the ‘HyTech’ rather than the regular pTrumpet.

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I tried it out on about twenty pupils, ranging from complete beginner level to post-grade 8, and the response was unanimously positive. They liked the shiny brass-effect and I assume that the finish is more durable than lacquer, though time will tell.

Some of the comments from my pupils:

      • ‘it’s easy to blow and easy to hold’
      • ‘I like the sound’ 🎵
      • ‘the lighter weight makes it easier to handle’
      • ‘it’s light, plays well and makes a good sound’
      • ‘it’s easy to play and comfortable to hold’
      • ‘it feels the same to play as my brass trumpet but it’s lighter to hold’ 🎺
      • ‘it’s better than I expected’
      • ‘it sounds good!’

Nobody said anything negative, though several pupils mentioned the fact that you can feel the instrument vibrating when you play and a couple said, ‘it feels weird’. I think that this in inevitable with a very light instrument, and you soon get used to this.

Overall, I would happily recommend the HyTech pTrumpet as a light but robust, low maintenance, easy-to-hold, free-blowing beginner trumpet."

Edward Maxwell - www.edwardmaxwell.com

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