I listened to the latest Music Teachers Association Podcast...so inspiring and informative!

One thing that lockdown 3.0 is giving me is the chance to start engaging with content that I've been aware of but never previously put the time aside to properly absorb.

One of the delights I've found recently are the MTA's podcasts, presented by Patrick Johns.

I found the recent segment by Simon Toyne particularly good, especially in a "you're not on your own, keep to the path"! way. Simon was so succinct and speaks with a crystal clarity that is informed by a fantastic combination of deep knowledge and vast experience. 

MTA Podcast Ep. 29

Also to hear rock legend (yes really, not an exaggeration!) Steve Hackett talk about exploring tonality and sonorities in such a matter of fact and down to earth way, with practical advice for guitarists, was a joy!

Click on the image above to go to the MTA's podcast page...well worth a listen but I warn you it may distract you from your work (in a good way!).