Importance of Imagination; can music enhance a child’s imagination?

There is no doubt that music has huge potential to enhance a child’s imagination and unlock their natural curiosity of the world around them. The importance of imagination needs to be shouted from the roof tops; it is vital to creativity and has many benefits not only as a child, but right through to adulthood.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

It’s well known that music can affect your mood and create images in your mind – just think about how certain songs make you feel and the reminders they bring with them. This is what opens our minds up to new ideas and an incredible imagination.

Creativity through music something Dr Charles Limb has dedicated his research. In his TEDTalk (see below), he reviews his groundbreaking work studying creativity and the brain — by putting musicians inside an fMRI and watching as they improvise! 


We all have the inbuilt ability to be creative, but our creativity can be restricted by rules, social norms and authoritarian parenting. This causes creativity to be stifled in children, which they then take on to adulthood. Music is a way for children to explore their creativity in a socially acceptable way. Whether they are listing to music or playing a musical instrument; a child’s imagination begins to thrive.


But what is the importance of imagination?

When children have enhanced imaginations, they can explore solutions to problems. As a child, if they don’t know the answer to a question – it can make them think about the possibilities, or how they might find a solution, before they respond with ‘I don’t know’.

By having an excellent imagination, children (and adults) can generally empathise well; by imagining what it might be like to be a different person, or in a different situation.

Naturally, they will question their own thoughts and feelings leading to admirable self-development skills.

Music plays a very big part of the lives of children. From a very early age, music helps children to understand their feelings, solve problems and share musical experiences with others; all through their enhanced imagination.

Here we have demonstrated the importance of imagination, and how music the effect music can have on the development of a child. If you are considering helping your child to begin their musical journey, we have lots of helpful tips on how to get your child started on their musical journey here.

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