Just Slidin’ About

The Slidin’ About Trombone Quartet is an experienced brass chamber music ensemble based in the UK. The quartet, which has recently renewed its pBone ambassador programme, comprises of four talented trombonists.

They met at the Royal Northern College of Music and since forming in 2010, have added many valuable assets to the world of music including; compositions, arrangements and their well renowned educational sessions.

Steve, Paul, Nick and Matt passionately promote the benefits of Music education in school as they believe it not only incorporates creativity but it helps pupils to share exciting new experiences. Slidin’ About are currently the pBone Apprentice Quartet and provide a variety of workshops using their skills as instrumental teachers.

Their typical beginner’s workshop will begin with a 30 minute interactive performance for up to 120 pupils. The performance guides pupils through the history of music. The quartet then begins to tutor a series of groups in another 30 minute practical focusing on playing the trombone. However, for more advanced musicians Slidin’ About offer extended workshops which focus on everything trombone and it can last between one and three hours!

The Quartet in addition is able to provide weekly sessions to follow up on aspects of group performance.
Slidin’ About have worked with many schools and groups including; Macclesfield Youth Brass Band, Norfolk Park School, Sheffield and most recently Stanley Grove Primary School, Manchester.

For more information about Slidin’ About or to enquire about the possibility of providing an unforgettable experience for your school, please visit their website.