Meet our pPal...Andy

Andy Ward, Logistics Operative

Andy joined the WMG team early this year – and he’s in charge of the final stage in the journey from us to you. As Logistics Operative Andy coordinates much of our shipping and distribution sending instruments all over the world from our Leicestershire warehouse in the heart of the English Midlands.

Andy is also a musician playing Flugelhorn, trumpet, cornet and drums.

And when he’s not behind an instrument or making sure our consignments are going out on time, you’ll find him behind a camera – for he also runs a photographic business specialising in weddings and new-born photography.

If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

I guess I would be a Flugelhorn. Just like myself the Flugelhorn is laidback, relaxed and (mostly) stress free! Relating this to my role with WMG I calmly get on with the job in hand, making sure that all runs smoothly and that everybody from colleague to customer is happy!