Meet our pPal...Chris

Chris Shea, Asia Sales and Project Development Manager

Chris joined the WMG team 18 months ago, following 4 years working in the music industry in China. With a wealth of experience gained from 20 years working in business in the UK, Chris made a life changing move to China in 2011.

Chris develops exciting and innovative new products working with WMG. His role has further expanded to cover the SE Asia region in a sales capacity which gives him the opportunity to interact with customers and end users of pInstruments.

If you were an instrument what would you be and why?

“As I’m from an engineering rather than a musical background, I would choose to be Wurlitzer Pipe Organ! I’m fascinated by the combination of all the mechanical operations, use of steel pipes and wind, which when put together can create memorable and powerful music. It would be nice to be remembered, as with the Wurlitzer, for contributing something of interest to the music industry!”