Meet our pPal...David

David Clarke, PR and marketing

David has been involved since the start of the pBone revolution, by way of a remarkable coincidence…

Back then, David’s daughter was playing trumpet and cornet for Royal Spa Brass Band and regularly gave a lift to Hugh Rashleigh, who lived in the next village, to brand practice. Hugh was studying at Loughborough University and trying to develop a plastic trombone.

A few months later, Steven Greenall, WMG’s chief executive, phoned David and said he was looking for some PR help to support the launch of … a plastic trombone. Steven didn’t know that David already knew Hugh – but it seemed like a pretty good omen! Since then, David and his team at PR and marketing company Clarke Associates has worked with WMG in the UK and worldwide.

If you were an instrument what would you be and why?

I figure I could be the Mellotron. Not heard of it? It’s a polyphonic tape replay keyboard developed in my home city of Birmingham, England in the 1960s. The instrument pulls sections of magnetic tape across a head with different portions of the tape being played to produce different sounds. It was most famously used by The Beatles on Strawberry Fields Forever. Like me it’s flexible, suits a variety of purposes and of its time! Go on – Google it!