Meet our pPal...Santa

Santa Claus, Delivery Facilitator

Santa is one of our honorary seasonal staff – we only work with him once a year but it’s safe to say he works harder than the rest of the team put together. He manages to cram worldwide deliveries into the space of one night, with the help of his speedy team of reindeer.

Santa lets us know how many boys and girls have wished for the gift of music this Christmas, and – if they’ve been good – whether they’d like a pBone, pTrumpet or pBuzz, or something from our range of accessories…

If you were an instrument what would you be and why?

“I had to ask Mrs Claus what she thought – she says it would have to be a bell of some kind, as she always knows I’m nearly back home at the North Pole by the sound of the bells jingling on the reindeer harnesses!”