Mr pBone is back with a boom

Many of you will know Mr. pBone for his ingenious idea to attach a GoPro camera to the bell of his pBone, responsible for making some of the most intriguing photos we’ve seen so far. However, just as interesting as his captivating photos is the invaluable projects he has been involved in.

He has for a long time been part of the New Trombone Collective’s pBone project. The project is 8 Dutch trombonists who, with unparalleled passion and enthusiasm, want to encourage more youngsters to play the trombone and they do so by organising inspiring events. Their workshops, among other things, help develop rhythm, pitch and teamwork.

With 60 bright coloured pBones at hand -Mr. pBone has been teaching children from year 4 to play – and the final result is always; a stunning performance from the participants.

His Latest project across 3 schools in Loenen ann de Vecht, Amsterdam, was his biggest yet - with around 100 children participating in each workshop. The project even saw Mr. pBone, Mrs. pBone, Suzanne Baai and percussion player of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Martin Baai, perform at the opening of a road in Loenen aan de Vecht. An astonishing performance that landed them on the local TV Utrecht, which highlights the project as a fun filled musical adventure.

Mr. pBone has no plans to stop any time soon - he is currently working with 3 other Mr. pBones and the one and only Mrs. pBone. Follow his story here.

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