Musicians enjoy Music Together with 6,000 free digital music downloads

We care passionately about making the joy of music accessible and fun, and in these times when making music together has become more difficult, we brainstormed a number of different ways in which we could support our musical community. One of the ways we are offering support is through our digital sheet music catalogue, Warwick Music Publishing. Until 30th June 2020, we have made available our top 10 best-selling titles, as well as the full instrumental range of Music Marvels for students, to help support them with remote learning or online lessons.

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Teachers, parents and students across the world have been making the most of this, using the code MUSICTOGETHER to download free music over 2,000 times already so far!

On average, customers have downloaded five pieces of free music, and nearly 6,000 pieces of music have been downloaded in total!

The top ten most popular pieces currently are:

  1. Pete Gane: Circuit Training - Tenor Trombone Studies
  2. Mark Nightingale: 20 Jazz Etudes - Tenor Trombone Bass & Tenor Clef
  3. Mark Nightingale: Warm-up Book - Trombone Studies Bass Clef
  4. James Meador: Six-Pack - Solo Tuba
  5. Mark Nightingale: Jazz@Etudes - Tenor Trombone Bass Clef
  6. Mark Nightingale: Easy Jazzy 'Tudes - Bb Treble Clef Brass
  7. Adrian Taylor: Simple Studies - Tenor Trombone Bass Clef
  8. Benny Sluchin: Alto Trombone Tutor Vol. 1 - Alto Trombone Studies
  9. Music Marvels: Learn To Play Trumpet
  10. Music Marvels: Learn To Play Trombone (Bb)

Peter Gane, composer, former member of the London Symphony Orchestra and founder of the British Trombone Society has applauded the move, saying it is an “excellent initiative from which I hope everyone will benefit.”

Adrian Taylor, trombonist, conductor, instrumental teacher and composer, agrees saying “During this unprecedented time of self-isolation it's inspiring to see how music is playing such a significant role in keeping us all going. Through music making we will get through this!”

We’ve been delighted to hear from some of our customers too about how this has helped them. Frank Meredith, trombone instructor at Colgate University writes "Thank you again for your terrific catalogue and service. Your pricing policy has allowed me to buy more music, and your scores and mp3 files help me to discover new music."

Nick Dolling, Assistant Principal at Musica Kirklees agrees saying – “A huge thank you for this goodwill gesture from all our staff, and no doubt our pupils!”

We're absolutely delighted that we have been able to support our global musical community, and are particularly grateful for the support of our wonderful composers who have made this initiative possible!

To find out more about the music available and how to redeem the code please see here.

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