Music Teacher magazine reviews the pBugle

We always value independent reviews of our products. Music Teacher magazine has a long history of offering fair and considered content for music teachers around the world from its team of educational experts and professionals

Here are some of their recent thoughts but please go to their website to read the whole review from Kevin Street:

My younger pupils like the feel of a plastic mouthpiece compared to a metal one. They also like the lighter weight of the instrument – one of my pupils commented that it felt as light as air compared to their traditional brass trumpet

The pBugle would survive being dropped by young hands, but I wonder if they might sound like a swarm of vuvuzelas in the first rehearsal!

The pBugle is aimed at the young musician who will no doubt love the look and feel of this low cost instrument and it might pique their curiosity about brass instruments in general, which is no bad thing.

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