My pBone saved my career!

I played trombone professionally for over 40 years, both as a member of the US Marine Bands and as a civilian. Last year I had two surgical procedures on my left shoulder and another to reattach the bicep muscle in the same arm. Having reached my 60s, these surgeries made it very difficult to hold and play my 1940 King Liberty (handed down to me by my father who was also a Marine musician).

US Marine Band Musician

Then I began using my pBone. What a difference it has made! I thought my days of playing in a big band were over but I'm back at it with my pBone. Our director and the lead trombonist both are college music professors and they both agree they can tell little if any difference in my sound with the pBone. After letting them play mine last night, I think pBone may have two new customers!

Thanks to all responsible for the production of this horn. You've saved my musical life!


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