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Last year, the world's largest music show - NAMM - was cancelled because of the pandemic. Instead the NAMM Show organisers put together an amazing virtual event for educators, music enthusiasts and students as well as the music industry  - they called it Believe in Music Week. We were delighted to support this event and are doing so again this week when Believe in Music Week returns from 20-21 January 2022 - and best of all: it's completely free to attend!

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We're both proud and delighted that WMG Education Ambassador, Grant Golding is a finalist in the Music Education Awards 2022 for his "Buzz21" program


pBuzz has been around for quite a while now and, to be honest, it's taken some time for the ideas and concepts behind the instrument to gain acceptance and understanding in the wider music education community.

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We're pleased to say that pBuzz is really finding its place in the musical world now and we've made and sold nearly 100,000 instruments. All these thousands of instruments are now out in the world helping children engage with the joy of making music through learning about brass playing in a really fun and accessible way. 

Carbon Neutral Product Plus


By the way, pBuzz is a recyclable product, made in the UK,  and we offset all the carbon we use a business... making us a certified carbon neutral company!



When Grant began using pBuzz in all honesty he shared with me that the first thing he saw was the limits of the instrument: no harmonics and a limited range of notes. Being the great, innovative teacher he is Grant soon unlocked the real "why" of pBuzz and now has great success with the instrument both in his own teaching practice and also by creating a wonderful set of training videos around "Buzz21"

Listen to Grant and other teachers and music leaders talk in their own words about pBuzz and the Buzz21 program in the video below...


You can also see and use the whole Grant's series of videos about how to deliver "Buzz21" 


Of course we'd love to hear from you about pBuzz or any of our instruments and materials!

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