The top 5 benefits of pBuzz in the classroom

It's been a long time since we first began work on pBuzz and to be honest it's been a very interesting journey. So much has changed in music education over pBuzz's life time and now pBuzz is becoming much better understood and accepted. In fact we have made over 60,000 pBuzz[...]

Why did we create pBugle and who and what is it for?

After the success of our unique, brass starter instrument: pBuzz, many upper brass teachers loved the idea of a simplified foundation instrument but felt that pBuzz is, in essence, a lower brass instrument. Despite the fact that I carefully tried to make pBuzz the easiest way to[...]

The future of sustainable instrument care

The International Trumpet Guild has reviewed the pInstrument Cleaning and Care Kit in its June 2021 issue of the highly respected ITG Journal. The ITG Journal is a primary means by which ITG achieves its goals. It is published quarterly and includes articles on history,[...]

Play along resources for trumpet, trombone, cornet, tenor horn and bass

Scottish based brass teacher Grant Golding has been busy over the last few months creating what he hopes will become one of the largest 'play-along' brass instrument resources on the YouTube media platform.

Musical fun to keep the kids entertained this summer

As liberating as it is to be free from the restrictions of the school run and busy termly timetables, it can be a daunting prospect to fill all the free time that the summer holidays offer our children. We've put together some musical themed activities to help you keep the kids[...]

My pBone saved my career!

I played trombone professionally for over 40 years, both as a member of the US Marine Bands and as a civilian. Last year I had two surgical procedures on my left shoulder and another to reattach the bicep muscle in the same arm. Having reached my 60s, these surgeries made it[...]

Top 5 benefits of learning a musical instrument as an adult

Think that learning to play a musical instrument is just for children? Wrong! There are numerous benefits that learning a musical instrument as an adult can bring. Here's just a few: 1. Brain Health Playing a musical instrument gives a significant boost in keeping the brain[...]

Music Teacher Magazine reviews pInstrument Cleaning Kit

Earlier this year, Music Teacher Magazine published a review of our pInstrument Cleaning Kit. Kevin Street, assistant director of music at Dulwich Prep London, reflects on the benefits of using appropriate cleaning regimes for your instruments in classrooms and schools. Some of[...]

Proms in the Playground Connecting Schools and Bands

Brass Bands England are calling on local brass bands and schools to come together for Proms in the Playground. After over a year of limited musical activity, with particular limitations on brass playing in many schools, this summer is the perfect time to re-engage with your[...]

Puzzle Pieces by Lucy Pankhurst: new and free to use pBuzz Key Stage 2 materials and scheme of work

I was lucky to recently meet (virtually!) award winning composer and leading brass educationalist Lucy Pankhurst. During our conversations about the numerous and exciting projects that Lucy is involved with she mentioned a new, free resource that she has created as part of an[...]