How Do Trumpet Players make and Change Notes?

An expert brass player makes changing notes sound and look so simple but when you pick up your instrument as a beginner things can feel very different and quite how do trumpet players do it?

A year of zoom and gloom

Sitting here at my keyboard on the last day of an incredible year, it would be easy to churn out a few hundred words on what a resilient bunch us musicians are; how we’ve made the best of a bad situation. How we have adapted to unprecedented circumstances and overcome seemingly[...]

RSL and Warwick Music Group announce innovative music education collaboration

Warwick Music Group and RSL Awards have announced an innovative new partnership and collaboration. These two Queens’ Award winning companies will create a series of “Learn to Play Trombone” and “Learn to Play Trumpet” print and digital publications as part of a “horns” offer for[...]

Want a VIP invite to the world's biggest virtual music event?

Would you like an exclusive VIP invite to the world’s biggest music show in 2021? We have 100 to giveaway.

Weathering the storm

There was a sentence in my last blog, ‘COVID-19 AND MUSIC IN HIGHER EDUCATION - A BLESSING IN DISGUISE?’, which seems to have struck a chord.  When talking about how we were adapting our performance modules at the University of Salford to accommodate the ongoing global pandemic,[...]

Ted's Blog

Ted, age 8, shares his experience of what it is like to learn to play the trombone and how that has changed in a covid world.

Why did I invent a trombone slide extender?

Professional trombonist, inventor and entrepreneur Nikki Abissi talks about her passion for making music accessible and fun with her latest invention, the trombone slide extender called Extendabone.

Gifting Grandparents, Parents, Aunts and Uncles

As we look forward to the season of goodwill and precious time with family and friends, we reflect on the challenges of 2020 and the lasting legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to play the trombone; the story of an older learner

Hello, I’m David. I was waiting for the CBSO concert to begin and I could hear the brass section warming up in the wings. My wife lent over to me and said “why don’t you get Katy’s (our youngest daughter) old trombone out and learn to play?” I’d been thinking of selling the[...]

Learn at home solution for beginners

The Covid pandemic has impacted our lives in so many ways and particularly in the field of music performance and education. The new school year is often an opportunity for children to get their first experience of a real music instrument - and these sparks that are ignited have[...]