pBone named ‘BEST ON TEST’

pBone are pleased to have been awarded the best of those tested in Normans “best trombones for beginners”.

Normans, specialist suppliers of musical instruments and accessories, tested pBone against a selection of standard brass trombones on a range of criteria from sound quality, build quality, slide action, the case and value for money.

The ratings were based Normans opinion of the instruments suitability for a complete beginner and found pBone a clear front runner on price, durability and suitability for educational settings.

From an early stage we have focused on the benefits that we can bring to brass learning.

Learning and access to music education has always been the core of pBone. We have the added benefits of being lighter, more durable and more hygienic as each student can have their own mouthpiece. The variety of colours offers a more engaging element for young learners.

It’s fantastic that pBone has been recognised and supported by such a quality brand for its educational benefits.

You can read the review here!