pBones are changing the face of music education

The world of brass music is being opened up to school children on a totally new scale with the introduction of pBones into whole class tuition, where every student can have their own instrument.

Reed’s School in Surrey have been using pBones for the last two years in whole class tuition for the Second Form. The school has involved three classes of twenty boys, all of whom were beginners, using the instruments on a regular basis.

Roger Willey, music and trombone teacher at Reed’s school said: “The pBones have proved to be incredibly tough and practical. The boys have dropped them, slides have fallen off and various other accidents have occurred! We are about to start the third year of lessons and all the trombones are intact. In fact, the pBones have been a big success; the boys love the look of them, they play really well and trombone playing in the school has tripled since the scheme started.

“I would say the pBones are a fantastic way to introduce beginners to the trombone in any situation, whether it be group, or solo lessons. In addition, many more advanced players have them as a fun, novelty item to use in various situations. I have used mine many times and it is always the centre of attention with audiences! It is wonderful to use when playing Christmas Carols outside on a freezing cold day for obvious reasons!”