Oatlands pBuzz Programme - Week 2


My year one and two students are making great progress with the pBuzzes. They have mastered the first two notes, F & G, and this week we have been working on learning A.

Revising F and G, introducing A

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As you can hear, a few of the students are pitching pretty well, and less of them are complaining that their mouths are sore.


Hot Cross Buns

Now that the students are mastering A, it is time for a tune – the obvious one being Hot Cross Buns!

I wrote the notes on the board – usually, I use the notation from the pBuzz teaching resources but I had some technology issues.

We learned one phrase at a time and then put them together.  

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I split the class into boys and girls, so each group only had to learn one phrase. As you can see the boys outweigh the girls in number (and volume)

Next, it was time to learn another tune...


Mary Had a Little Lamb

Initially we just learned the first phrase, but as you will see, one of the boys started to then play the next phrase  - obviously knowing the melody helped and he was playing by ear! 

We will keep working on this and my next blog will include it being played with a backing track.

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Obviously with practice, the students will improve their intonation, but the results are pleasing so far! 

Stay tuned for my next instalment!


By Lucy Lawrence

Oatlands Public School, Oatlands, NSW, Australia