Twelve pInstrument FAQs

Our pInstruments are designed to be durable, lightweight and of course fun!

It’s really important to us that you get the best experience from playing our instruments, so to help you with care and maintenance our customer service team have compiled twelve of the most regularly asked questions and put them all in one place. Our pInstrument FAQs page sets out helpful hints and tips, as well as useful related videos and resources.

pInstrument FAQs

pInstrument resources and support for education.

Other questions we are asked about our pInstruments revolve around what resources there are available for introducing them in an education setting; for example, the pBuzz is specifically designed to give students an entry into learning to play instruments like the trombone and trumpet and is also a great alternative to the recorder in early years music lessons.

For this reason, we’ve compiled an excellent range of learning resources for all our instruments, including a new approach to learning our more advanced instruments (pBone, and pTrumpet) designed by our Education Consultant (Chris Fower) called  Slide & Brass Tabs.

Links to sample’s of our great learning resource you may find useful;
How to Play pBuzz
How to Play Trombone
How to play Trumpet
Trombone Slide & Brass Tabs
Introducing the pBuzz into the General Music Classroom (Webinar, October 2017)
pInstrument Teaching Resources

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