Plastic mouthpieces mean brass for all

A new range of plastic mouthpieces manufactured in Great Britain, and which have BioCote anti-microbial protection, has been launched by Warwick Music Group, the makers of the multi-award winning pBone, pTrumpet and pBuzz.

The mouthpieces are perfect for all playing environments and are excellent for buzzing practice. The versatility of the material allows for further accessibility to trombone and trumpet playing within the brass market and widens appeal amongst existing and aspiring musicians.

Suitable for playing with any regular brass instrument, the mouthpieces are available in a range of large and small shank sizes for trombone (1.5G, 5G and 6.5AL) and standard trumpet sizes (1.5C, 3C, 5C, 7C). The mouthpieces will be offered only in black with an SRP of £9.95.

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