Professional Trumpet Player excited by The Brass of the Saff

WMG’s Ambassador, Darren Lea caught up with professional musician and educator, Gemma Fuller following meeting in January at the Brass of the Saff project.

Having worked as a professional freelance trumpet player for over 12 years, and until just over a year ago had been touring and living on the road the best part of 7 years, Gemma discovered 'Brass of the Saff' on Facebook after an internet search for projects happening in and around the Leicester area .

Gemma moved to Leicester in October 2018 to work on a project with The Spark Arts for Children - a library tour with a play about WW1 for one actor and one musician. After this project finished she decided to stay based in the Midlands, building up work and exploring other projects.

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Gemma was introduced to Brass of the Saff at the beginning of January and got in touch via Facebook explaining who she was and that she had was interested in finding out more about the project.

‘I have worked extensively as a brass teacher, tutor and junior brass band conductor, and so this project linked in with that experience. I attended the affiliated community band shortly after and met Julie, who runs Brass of the Saff, and after a chat, played cornet with the band for the evening. A few weeks later I attended a Brass of the Saff rehearsal, and as well as playing along and helping out, was invited to be a guest conductor for one of the pieces that they were rehearsing’.

‘It was good to see how the project is taking shape; the children enjoy playing and are keen to learn. I am excited to see how the project grows over time, and I hope that more and more parents see the benefits of being involved in such an ensemble and learning an instrument, and support their children in getting stuck in!’