Serious about making music fun; Hygiene vs clean

One of the many advantages about our instruments being made of plastic is that not only are they better for the environment, recyclable and considerably cheaper than their counterparts, they are also easier to clean.

Unlike a brass trombone for example, you can chuck our trombones in the bath to give them a good wash, and we recently shared details about how to clean our instruments which you can read here.

At Warwick Music though we like to go one step further, so what you may not be aware of is that pInstruments are not just easy to clean, but actively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria using antimicrobial technology.


BioMaster_Protected_Symbol_ColourSounds impressive, but what is antimicrobial technology?!

An 'antimicrobial' is a substance that reduces or destroys the presence of microbes such as bacteria and mould.

The technology we use, provided by Biomaster, is an additive that goes into our instruments during manufacture. Rather than coating on top, we add this technology into the ABS plastic as the instruments are created, so that it becomes part of the instrument and provides permanent protection for the rest of their life.

How does it work?

Biomaster is based on silver ion technology, which is very safe and has been used for a long time with no harmful effects. When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, in our case the ABS plastic we use to make our instruments, the silver ions prevent the bacteria from growing, producing energy or replicating. This means the bacteria cannot survive and they die.

How biomaster works


How does it make my instruments more hygienic?

Brass instruments work by the player buzzing their lips together into a mouthpiece, which in turn vibrates the air inside the instrument creating a sound. All brass instruments are basically empty tubes that you can change the length of and on any length of tube you can play a pattern of different pitches or notes by changing your buzz using your lips and the controlling air that you blow through them.

When you blow air through your instrument, there is also saliva moving through your instrument during play. This technology is really beneficial as it prevents the instrument from developing bad odours from microbes, provides an added layer of protection and helps the material become more durable.

You are also touching your instrument with your hands as you play, and while washing your hands is crucial, this also helps to protect against bacteria your instrument may come into contact with either via yourself, or transferred from another surface etc.


How effective is antimicrobial technology?

In independent tests, Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%, which means that even if your instrument looks clean, you can rest assured that the additive is working constantly to ensure it is hygienically clean.

For more information on Biomaster and their technology please visit 

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