Serious About Making Music Fun: the Hygienic Choice

Jessica Elges and Jennifer Collier (BioCote)Jennifer Collier (pictured with Marketing Manager Jessica Elges, left) is Warwick Music Group’s Development Partner from BioCote - the company behind the antimicrobial technology we use in our products.

Jennifer explains what their technology is and why it is important to you as a customer.

“When setting out to reinvigorate the brass instrument industry and make music accessible to all age groups and ability levels, antimicrobial technology wasn’t the first thing on Warwick Music Group’s mind.  The main focus was to create high quality wind and brass instruments made from a lighter material without compromising on the sound: plastic. 

BiocoteA novel choice in the brass industry given it’s not…well, brass, plastic offers the benefits of being lightweight, hard-wearing and cost-effective.  Instruments made from plastic make a great choice for children and travelling musicians. They are easy to take along and less precious when going on holiday or to festivals.

Along the journey of offering musical instruments made from plastic to a wide audience, including schools and professional musicians, Warwick Music Group decided to add a further quality benefit to the material of their instruments.  They teamed up with BioCote®, a market leading innovative antimicrobial solutions provider, to improve their instruments further by making them more hygienic.

Whilst this might sound all rather technical, introducing the technology to the instruments is a simple process. Additives containing an active substance are added to the material during manufacture. The antimicrobial additive then becomes part of the instrument, meaning it does not wear off or wash away so will last for the lifetime of the instrument, it also won’t affect the look and feel.

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With important parts of the instruments, such as mouthpieces, being treated with antimicrobial technology, players will of course want to know how safe these additives are.  With 25 years of experience, BioCote® supplies additives worldwide that are of the highest standard and are approved for food contact, water contact and even medical devices; parents, teachers and players can be confident in the quality of the product.

Using this technology Warwick Music Group's instruments resist the growth of microbes including bacteria, mould and even some viruses, making them the most hygienic choice. With saliva moving through the instruments during play this is really beneficial as it prevents the instruments from developing bad odours from microbes, provides an added layer of protection and helps the material become more durable, helping your instrument last even longer.”

For more information on antimicrobial technology, please contact a member of the BioCote® team on: or +44 (0)2477 712489.

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