Ted's Blog

Ted, age 8, shares his experience of what it is like to learn to play the trombone and how that has changed in a covid world.


How would you describe yourself? I enjoy being outside, building dens, and I play Rugby with my local team. I like listening and playing music and I also like playing games on my Xbox.


What instrument do you play? Trombone, I also play the drums.

Do you have lessons? Only trombone lessons.


What instrument do you have? I have a yellow pBone.


What age did you start playing? I started playing when I was 5. My first instrument was the pBuzz and then I went on to the pBone.

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What is your favourite piece to play? I am working on my grade 1 at the moment and I like to play a piece called Strolling. I am looking forward to learning some Christmas songs to play with my family.


What has changed about your lessons? I used to have my lessons at my teachers house. Now my lesson is on zoom in my dining room at home.


Do you like having lessons online? I do miss having lesson at my teacher’s house, but I do like the zoom lessons. I think that I have become a better player with doing my online lesson. This is because I don’t have my teacher pointing to each note so it makes me work harder.


Do you play in any bands? I play in a band with at my local Music Centre. This has been closed because of corona virus.


What do you miss about playing at Music Centre? I miss the tuck shop and seeing my band friends.


What do you think about 2020 and the Coronavirus? How has this changed your day-to-day life? I use to go to after school activities, swimming, band, trombone lessons and rugby practice but these have all been changed or stopped. It has made me worry sometimes when I am out as I don’t want to get too close to people.


What would you tell anyone who wants to learn to play a musical instrument? Don’t be afraid to try. I was nervous at first, but I have made lots of new friends from music and learnt so many new things.