The new model music curriculum . . . thoughts and reflections

The new model music curriculum has been launched by the DfE for schools in England.

In this video I discuss the curriculum and reflect on how music leaders, educators and managers might react to the document. Needless to say I've included a few thoughts of my own.


I broadly discuss six themes, each with its own chapter in the video:

  1. Introduction
  2. Repertoire
  3. Music Technology
  4. Brass Playing and Teaching
  5. Opportunities presented by the document
  6. A personal reflection on the success of a thriving school music department

As lockdown eases this publication by the Department of Education has certainly added energy to the music education conversation and brought music higher up the agenda.

What are your thoughts on the curriculum and its potential impact on schools, music education hubs, national ensembles and musical life in general in England?

What do you think about the new model music curriculum?