The top 5 benefits of pBuzz in the classroom

It's been a long time since we first began work on pBuzz and to be honest it's been a very interesting journey. So much has changed in music education over pBuzz's life time and now pBuzz is becoming much better understood and accepted. In fact we have made over 60,000 pBuzz since the first instrument rolled off the production line in Mansfield in 2016.

A quick recap about what pBuzz is and why we invented it!

pBuzz is a brass instrument made from plastic. It is like no other brass instrument in that it is designed to play only one harmonic or partial, so no bugle calls here! You can however play chromatically from F to C by lengthening and shortening pBuzz with its sliding body. It has a mouthpiece that was specifically invented by us to make playing your first notes on a brass instrument as easy as possible and in fact the instrument was designed around this mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is smaller than a trombone or baritone mouthpiece but larger than a horn mouthpiece making it a great way to begin brass playing and allowing moving up to higher instruments or down to lower instruments as your next step.

pBuzz is a training tool, a foundation instrument, a taster instrument, unashamedly a way-in that's easy to access and easy to play. It also represents exceptional value for money, is made in England, is carbon neutral and fully recyclable!

pBuzz music lesson


We also wanted to create a brass instrument that was simple enough to allow all KS2 classroom teachers to use without being put off! 

So, here's my top five benefits of our little pBuzz in the classroom:

  1. Fun
  2. Affordability
  3. Access to success and progress
  4. Great materials
  5. Sustainable, easy to store and clean

FUN: there are few "do's and don'ts" just get buzzing and start making music!

AFFORDABILITY: With a list price of just £19.99 including VAT and lots of great education deals from dealers, pBuzz is simply unbeatable as the most cost effective way of getting kids playing brass, whatever their age!

ACCESS TO SUCCESS AND PROGRESS: Pupils will be playing tunes in the first session meaning engagement will be high. Progress to more complex music is rapid and pupils come away with a real feeling of success and they are developing authentic brass playing skills. Progression onto "real" brass instruments is easy with a good knowledge of the basics of brass technique and the essentials of music in place.

GREAT MATERIALS: We now have lots of great resources in place ranging from our award winning KS1 packs of complete classroom programs to the amazing BUZZ21 using ear lead learning to enable pupils to play pBuzz with their music. We have materials that fit with a host of other instruments or stand alone for pBuzz all with great backing tracks and including many with lesson and program plans. Much of this is free to download and use.

SUSTAINABLE, EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: Like all our instruments pBuzz is carbon neutral, it's made in the UK and is 100% recyclable. Unlike any other whole class brass instruments a whole set will fit in two boxes (which we can supply) and be stored away conveniently and easily. Mouthpieces have anti-bac built in, pBuzz is made from ABS which is easy to disinfect with 70% IPA alcohol wipes and COVID 19 can only survive for 24 hrs on ABS even if simply left untouched.

pBuzz is the best way to begin playing brass in your classroom.

Pennthorpe pBuzz Music Class

If you would like to more hear about exactly what pBuzz is and why we invented it watch my video!

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