The WMG Mums on Why Music Matters

We’re busy celebrating women this week – musical, mums and otherwise – what with International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday just a few days apart.
We think it’s important to let people know why music matters to the women – and mums! – in our team. To mark a musical Mother’s Day this year, we’ve asked the hardworking WMG mums to let us know why music matters to them.


“I’ve enjoyed playing the clarinet for years, and it’s had a huge impact on all areas of my life. Growing up around music has meant my children have always been interested in learning to play instruments and sing. It’s something we can appreciate as a family and that’s really special.”

“I’m not a musician myself but I’m really keen that my sons have the opportunity to play instruments and most importantly, enjoy and express themselves through music. It’s also inspiring me to learn to play!”

“I’ve worked in the music industry for years and I’d always hoped that when my children came to learn music, they’d also learn the confidence, social skills and teamwork that playing music with others teaches you.”

For more information about getting our child started playing a musical instrument you may find the information on our music lessons page helpful!