pInstrument Trade It Up Scheme

We are delighted to announce our next commitment in sustainability - reduce, reuse, recycle - by launching our Trade It Up Scheme. pBuzz and pBugles purchased from one of our official UK music retailers now come with a guaranteed trade-in value against any other pInstruments such as pCornet, pTrumpet, pBone, pBone mini or pTrumpet hytech. Save up to £15 off your next pInstrument purchase and support your local music retailer! Your old instrument will then be recycled or re-used by us or your local retailer so you're helping the environment too.


1) What is the pInstrument #TradeItUp Scheme?

The pInstrument #TradeItUp Scheme allows consumers and educators to trade-in their pBugle or pBuzz instrument bought from one of our authorised UK dealers for any other pInstrument and receive a guaranteed monetary discount on their upgrade.


2) What are the customer benefits of the pInstrument #TradeItUp Scheme?

For customers, the benefit is that you can make your initial purchase of a pBuzz or pBugle and know that your instrument has a guaranteed value for a future purchase. From a sustainability perspective, it means that their instrument can be recycled (after being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised) and does not need to be discarded or thrown away which is better for the environment.


3) Where can I trade-in my instrument?

Consumers and educators who have purchased a pBugle or pBuzz after 1st September 2019 from any official pInstrument UK Retailer can trade-in their instrument for a credit against another pInstrument purchase from the same retailer only – we want you to go back to where you made your original purchase! pBugles and pBuzz purchased online from Amazon are not eligible for this offer.


4) How does the scheme work?

The consumer must complete the #TradeItUp form online before completing their upgrade.

Trade It Up Registration

The completion of the online form prior to the upgrade by the consumer is sufficient evidence for us to authorise the transaction with your original retailer.

The traded-in instrument will be returned to us or your dealer may chose to keep it and sell as approved “B” stock, after cleaning and sanitising the instrument thoroughly.


 5) How does the scheme work for schools, music hubs, and education customers?

Prices paid by education customers vary depending on the number of units the retailer supplies and other factors. Your original UK music retailer can confirm the discount you can expect to receive by trading in your pBuzz or pBugles. Our only minimum requirement will be that at least 20 pBuzz or 20 pBugles must be upgraded to apply for an education #Tradeitup rebate. We estimate the rebate will be equal to 10-15% of the price paid by the educator or school.


6) What is the trade-in worth to the consumer?

The trade-in value of the pBugle is worth £15 inc VAT discount off any pInstrument upgrade. The trade-in value of the pBuzz is worth £10 inc VAT discount off any pInstrument upgrade. 

Scheme Rules (subject to change)

  1. The trade-in must occur at the official retailer where the consumer or educator originally purchased their pBugle or pBuzz.
  2. Sales on the Amazon platform will not be eligible for the trade-in scheme. 
  3. The scheme is only open to instruments purchased from official pInstrument retailers and consumers who reside in the United Kingdom & Ireland.
  4. The trade-in value can only be used as a discount against another pInstrument product: pCornet, pTrumpet, pTrumpet hyTech, pBone mini or pBone.
  5. The dealer will be required to confirm to Warwick Music that the instrument was originally sold by them.
  6. The trade-in has no monetary value and can only be used for credit against an upgrade to another pInstrument of higher value.
  7. The consumer must complete the #TradeItUp voucher form online before completing the upgrade.
  8. The instrument being traded-in must be in good working order and include the mouthpiece. Please make sure it is thorough cleaned and sanitised in line with the manufacturer’s instructions before being re-sold by you or returned to us.
  9. The limit of trade-ins will be the number of units of pBuzz or pBugle purchased by each retailer in the previous 12 months.
  10. Bulk education orders for schools or Music Educations Hubs are eligible with the level of rebate from Warwick Music to be agreed with Jonty Hines at time of trade-in.
  11. The scheme will run continuously but Warwick Music reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any time but will honour the trade-in offer for all instruments purchased before the closure date of the scheme.