Warwick Music Online Festival Success

As the UK went into lockdown in March, we couldn't forsee how long the disruption would continue. My own daughter was due to take her Grade 2 clarinet exam and just two days later it was cancelled.

In talking with our team, and seeing the understandable disappointment for ourselves, we quickly wanted to do something to give everyone and anyone the opportunity to play and be heard - keeping music going and providing a purpose to performing.

The response was quite incredible and we received over 125 entries from all corners of the globe - performers from 5 to 75 years young. In the depth of the lockdown, with our offices closed and concern mounting for the health of our nation and the world, it was a genuine delight each day to  receive another entry - families just like ours, looking for some help and support in the joy of making music.

To be honest, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the numbers and so we brought in a Warwick Music composer and music teacher from a local school, Adrian Taylor to serve as a second "adjudicator". For both of us, there were so many magical moments - Adrian was impressed with George an 11 year old making a wonderful sound on the trumpet. For me, a young boy who in full tails gave a most stunning performance on piano.

To all our performers - thanks so much for being a part of our online festival - we thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching you all and we hope the experience brought you some fun and fulfilment through music during these challenging times.

Here are some highlights to enjoy!