WMG Launches New Chocolate Mouthpiece Range

A new range of special mouthpieces is coming to our pShop this Easter - with a twist...

Bag yourself a chocolate mouthpiece for a tasty treat whilst playing. Your scales will sound smoother, your phrasing more luxurious and there’s a bonus sweet taste.

A fusion of silky chocolate and versatile plastic, these mouthpieces are perfect for private practice, ensemble rehearsal or a concert performance and are only 1418 kcal each.

We have brought in young specialists to oversee production and all products are tested by our premier quality assurance team with rigorous standards.

Available for a limited time only.

Some pieces we think would be played well with our new mouthpieces:

Careless Wispa
The Lion Bar Sleeps Tonight
Aero on a G String
King of the Rocky Road
Show Milky Way To Go Home
Fairytale of New Yorkie